Benefits of becoming a seller:

1. Why should we (seller / vendor) be associated with you?

- You will have reduced marketing and sales cost by:

a. Getting your products and services listed with “TUYAA” for sales.
b. Getting your products / ideas / services advertised and promoted in all our marketing & promotional activities which we will be doing from time to time.

- By listing and promoting your products and services online, we will help you increase your customer base & hence sales.

- It offers new opportunities to establish new trading partnerships with manufacturers within the supply chain group.

2. Any additional benefits for us?

We welcome you to be part of this effort and will complement you in every possible ways. We have customised discounts and offers for suppliers registering with us before launch date*.

Seller / Vendor registration:

3. How can I (seller / vendor) register with you?

Step 1: Seller / vendor to complete the attached company profile form (annexure – 1) in all aspects with authorised signatory sign and details (company seal & stamp).

Step 2: Mail the below details mailto:sales@aaryangroups.com. We will generate your user id and password for you which will be communicated to you through your registered email id. Your registered email id will be login id. You have to change your password once activated & details to be kept confidentially.

- Completed company profile form (annexure – 1).
- Company registration certificates / documents / GST registration certificate (if applicable).
- Cancelled cheque of the bank account which is to be linked for payments. Please make sure that cheque carries account holder’s name, bank name, branch   name, account number, ifsc code
- Company pan card copy.

Step 3: Hard copies of the documents to be couriered to our registered address. Seller / Vendor account will be activated once we receive & verify the physical set of documents. You can start uploading your products details along photographs once your account is activated.

Registered address:
Aaryan Groups, Flat – A, Ample Prasika Apartment, Plot No. F-15, IIT Colony, 3rd Main Road, Pallikarnai, Chennai - 600100

Product listing / Updating in website:

4. How can I advertise my products in your website?

Step 1: Following details are to be provided along product details by you by mail.

S.NoProduct nameSub categoryBrand namePackaging (gms)Inventory (nos.)

Step 2: A short write up of the products describing

- About the product
- Directions to use ( if any)
- Ingredients (if applicable).
- Product benefits (if any)
- Special conditions (if any)

Step 3: Our support team will update the product with above details provided and will activate it for display in www.tuyaa.in.

5. How often do i have to update inventory of the products displayed in www.tuyaa.in ?

Vendors are requested to update available stock details of the products displayed with www.tuyaa.in on a daily basis either by mail / phone / login into seller account by 7:00 pm to provide our best of services to the customers.

6. How do a seller / vendor update product photographs in www.tuyaa.in & what are the specifications (if any)?

Option 1: Seller / vendor can update the photographs in the website using their user id and password

Option 2: Seller / vendor can mail the product photographs to our support team at mailto:product@aarryangroups.com.


  • Background                 :  white
  • Size                               :  1028px by 1028 px.
  • No. Of photographs  :  require at least 2 photographs in each angle.
  • Format                         :  jpeg / gif
Courier / Consignment pickup arrangements:

7. Does www.tuyaa.in have its own courier / consignment arrangement?

Yes, www.tuyaa.in arranges for consignment / courier pick up. We have arrangements with multiple courier companies. As of now our service providers are fedex, aramex, DHL, dotzot, bluedart & delhivery. We will arrange pickup by the courier companies based on their availability.

8. Do I have to call or notify someone for my pickup?

No, www.tuyaa.in will schedule pickup. Our support team will generate and send a shipping label to the vendor/seller by mail. Simultaneously a notification goes to the respective courier company personals to make a pickup from the vendor/seller’s place.

9. How should I pack my items before shipping?

We advise you to follow some basic guidelines:

- Make sure the box or bag you use is suitable for the contents you are sending and use a strong tape to seal it. Use fillers like crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap and other cushioning material to protect your items.
- It is advisable to try to reduce the size of the final package as per the product being packed which will in turn reduce the volumetric weight of your shipment & hence the shipment cost.
- Please note that your shipments should be well packed as any damage caused due to improper packaging will not be entertained by the courier companies in case of a claim.
- Invoice & label mailed by www.tuyaa.in is to be pasted on the package. Shipping Label to be pasted on the front side and invoice to be pasted on back side of the package.
- And finally, make sure that you do not have any labels on your box apart from the ones generated and provided to you by www.tuyaa.in.
- No manual shipping label / invoice is allowed.

Seller / vendor payment receipt & billing:

10. What are the payment options available for customers?

- Credit / Debit cards
- Net banking
- Cash of delivery (COD).

11. How does the COD remittance work?

- For all the shipments that are delivered between 1st and 15th of a month, the remittance reports will be shared by the 1st of the following month.
- For all the shipments that are delivered between 16th and 30th/31st of a month, the remittance reports will be shared by the 16th of the following month.
- The amount will be remitted to your bank account in 3-5 working days.
- Any dispute raised regarding COD after 60 days of delivery date of the shipment will not be entertained.
- In case of any discrepancies, you can drop a mail to info@aaryangroups.com.

12. How sellers/vendor receives their payments for sale made on their products?

Sale proceeds of the week will be reconciled and payments will be done on every Monday of the following week after deducting the commission amount as agreed in vendor/seller agreement.

13. How does the Billing work?

- There is no need for the sellers / vendors to make any payments towards courier / consignment charges. The courier charge will be calculated depending on the physical dimensions of weight and dimensions as provided by the seller. In case a discrepancy is found in the physical dimensions/extra charges at a later date will be asked to pay by the seller.
- Seller / vendor are requested to provide exact weight of the product while updating your product details.
- Seller / vendor are requested to provide exact height / width / length of the final package while once packing complete to reduce any discrepancies.
- In case of any clarification you can drop a mail to info@aaryangroups.com.

General queries:

14. Can shipments be sent out of India?

- Yes, please get in touch with our support team on this. Our team will be happy to help you.
- IE code is compulsory for all products to be shipped outside India.

15. Government Regulations?

Please note that Government Regulations are subject to change without prior notice. Here are a few restrictions due to regulations.
1. No COD shipments will go to Kerala & Pondicherry
2. For J&K, Form 58 will be required, if product value is more than Rs. 5000/-

16. Can we ship if we are a non-registered business?


17. Is it possible to ship perishable goods?

Perishable goods can be shipped but should have a minimum shelf life of 45 - 60 days. These shipments containing perishable goods will not be covered under insurance.

18. Does www.tuyaa.in provide packaging materials or packaging support for the shipments / consignments for orders placed?

- No, currently we don’t have this option. We are working on the feasibility.
- Meanwhile, seller / vendor have to do their own packing. Shipping label and invoice will be provided to them by www.tuyaa.in which has to be used while shipping.

19. What is the Weight limit for scheduling shipments?

You can ship packages up to 70kg in a single shipment. However you can use multiple package options if the weight crosses more than 79 kg per shipment.

20. Does seller / vendor have options to track their sales and payments in www.tuyaa.in?

Yes, every seller / vendor can track their transactions in “reports” section of www.tuyaa.in by logging in the website with their login credentials.